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Terms & Conditions

Unless and otherwise specifically indicated on the label of the product picture, all our products are Laptop Charger Factory US labeled items.

The usage of our website and the entire orders placed for delivery are governed by the acceptance of the given below terms and conditions, and deemed to be agreed to by you when you place the order. The terms and conditions specified do not in any manner impinge on your legal rights. Terms and conditions stipulated by Laptop Charger Factory US are liable for amendment without prior notice and replace all the terms and conditions in vogue earlier.

1. Payment

1.1 We entertain the ensuing mode of payment: Making payments through Credit and Debit card. We use authorize.net as our credit/debit card processor, apart from accepting payment through PayPal. All the products are dispatched to the address of the cardholder, unless clearly indicated by the customer.

1.2 All cash payments made through secure means must be sent to the address indicated above. It is the sole responsibility of the customer for making of cash payments to Laptop Charger Factory.

1.3 While making any payment to our given above address, the customer should clearly mention the name, address, including the order number. Failure to comply with this by the customer will lead to termination of the order, and payment made will be forfeited by the company.

1.4 All orders received by the company are entertained depending on the availability of stock. In case the company fail to honour your product due to unavoidable circumstances, the cost of the product paid by the customer will be refunded. Also, Laptop Charger Factory US cannot be held responsible for any financial loss incurred by the client towards interest payments, or incurring any financial loss, arising out of the money paid to the company on account of any order that could not be entertained by us.

2. Shipping

2.1 Customers are free to select from an array of delivery options that cannot be altered, once delivery of the product is done. We ensure that orders placed before 3 p.m. will be dispatched on the very same day of receiving the order or will be dispatched on the next day, in case the orders are placed after 3 p.m. Orders will be dispatched before 3 PM if we have received all accurate info for an order. Customers can place their orders from Monday through Friday.

2.2 We deliver the products to all states covering the US.

2.3 We quote the prices of all products that are inclusive of US first class shipment.

2.4 The company cannot be held responsible for the erroneous postal addresses given by the customer, leading to non-receipt of products at the client end. Hence, the customers are advised to ascertain if they have given their address without any mistake. Laptop Charger Factory will not be held accountable for any kind of loss suffered by the customer and a under any circumstances claim for refund will be entertained.

2.5 Under no circumstances, the shipping addresses given by the customer cannot be altered, once the checkout is done. Laptop Charger Factory cannot be held responsible for products that are shipped to a wrong address given by the client.

2.6 We do not entertain pick-ups by customers and we only make shipment of all products.

2.7 We do not give any guarantee for delivery of items on the next day. The couriers that we engage function with a success rate of 98-99%. In case any product could not be delivered by us the very next day, we will not be in a position to make refund of the charge levied for the next day delivery, in case the mistake is on the part of the courier. Laptop Charger Factory will promptly refund the delivery charge, if the fault lies on our end.

2.8 At times of unfavorable weather condition, delivery of products might take a longer time period unlike the normal period. We will not make refund of delivery charges in case delay is due to unfavourable weather conditions. However, the next day delivery is very much possible during unfavourable weather conditions.

3. Warranty

3.1 We offer a twelve month warranty (365 days) period for all the items that are sold in this website, unless specified otherwise.

3.2 The period of warranty starts from the actual date of purchase made and a replacement product does not hold an extended or restart of the warranty period under any circumstances. However, your statutory rights do not get affected by this clause.

3.3 The warranty we offer does not cover the laptops that are used with our items; we cannot be held responsible for the incorrect usage of all our items.

3.4 In case the products we supply are found to be tampered with in any manner, your warranty will be invalid and the customer needs to bear the costs of shipping and repairing of the item.

3.5 Also, our warranty does not protect; unintentional damage caused, if the warranty sticker is tampered with, or failure to adhere to the original terms of the manufacturers of proposed usage.

3.6 In the event of the product that we supply gets breakdown, we cannot be held responsible for the damage/loss of any data that are likely to happen. Moreover, we cannot be held responsible for any losses happening when we undertake repair or replace this item as per our warranty agreement terms. Hence, you are recommended to ensure back up of all the data on a continuous basis.

3.7 You can purchase additional Lifetime Warranty for $3.99. Lifetime warranty covers defective chargers. All chargers being claimed on warranty may or may not be required to be sent back to us for inspection. Customer should pay for shipping costs back to us if product is needed to be inspected.

4. Ordering Policy

4.1 We hold the right to turn down your order for any item at any point of time, after accessing your order for any cause. We may also call for extra information, prior to processing and shipping the orders for items wherever it is deemed fit. In very rare cases for chargers over 130W or extremely rare tips which are placed using our search feature or any laptop model/brand model page sections, extra payment might be required.

5. Returns Policy

5.1 In case you find no satisfaction with our products, you have every the right to make cancellation of the order within a period of 30 days from the date of purchase.

5.2 We make all refunds through the mode by which the payment was accessed by us; the costs for sending back cannot be refunded, if not the products are defective.

5.3 Goods that are found to be defective within the period of warranty must be sending back to the company for a replacement free of cost.

5.4 Prior to sending back any product due to any reason, please keep in touch with us relating to the issue regarding sales@laptopchargerfactory.com. We will promptly send an email to you along with a Returns Advice Form, which should be duly filled in and sent back to us along with the product. Also, you should include the number of your order/invoice.

5.5 Goods that are sent back sans all required details (included with the sent back product) are contrary to the terms of returns and no exchange or refund will be entertained under such situations.

5.6 The client must hold responsibility for the secure return of the product, and ought to get a proof of postage in the rare event of the product being not received.

5.7 We are not to be held responsible for any products that are lost in postal transit when it is sent back to us and the cost incurred towards this is to be borne by the client.

5.8 All cancellations and returns result in a 20% restocking fee. We can exchange out for the correct charger for no fee if you receive the wrong charger from us.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1 Our website is neither connected with nor certified by, licensed by, vendor for, affiliated in any manner to these manufacturers of computer. The array of goods that are for sale through this website are not produced by or accessible for sale with the approval of the producers of the computers with which our range of items may be put to use.

6.2 You give your consent that our website, its directors, personnel or other sales representatives are not to be held responsible for harm arising from the use, content or making use of the website. Also, you give your consent that this restriction of liability is exhaustive and is applicable to all losses in any form, including without restriction direct, indirect, compensatory, special, transient, penalizing and subsequent damages.

6.3 Laptop Charger Factory US is not liable for, or re-imburse any subsequent damages emanating from late delivery of goods or item failure. We stoutly suggest that all data is backed-up on a customary or continual basis.

6.4 Laptop Charger Factory US is not liable for any damages caused to laptops, tablets, cell phones, & other electronics from any of our products we sell. Laptop Charger Factory US is also not liable for any physical damages caused by our products.

7. WEEE Regulations

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Guidelines is now in vogue under the US law. The directive stipulates that the producers make payment for collecting, treating and revival of waste electrical equipment. he directive also stipulates that vendors of equipment such as high street shops and retailers of internet should permit consumers to send back their waste equipment free of cost.

The quantum of WEEE we discard is getting enhanced by around 5% every year, leading to the greatest mounting waste stream in the US.

  • A considerable amount of WEEE in the US ends up in landfill, resulting in the contamination of soil and water due to the high content of lead and other toxins which the WEEE waste contains. This will have, in no doubt, an adverse impact on natural habitat, wildlife, including human health.
  • Several electrical goods that we discard away is possible to repair or can be recycled. Recycling of electronic goods can to a greater extent save our limited natural resources and also can mitigate the environmental as well as health risks connected with directing the electrical items to landfill.

Vendors of fresh Electric and Electronic Equipment (EEE) have an important role to play in mitigating the volume of WEEE heading towards the landfill sites.

Laptop Charger Factory shows due respect of these directives and offer our clients free take-back of the WEEE they have on a like-for-like basis when they purchase a fresh Electrical or Electronic product from our company.

For instance, in case a client has purchased a new laptop charger from us, we take back their old laptop charger and thwart it going into the landfill site by properly disposing of it in a secure manner. Customers should send back their WEEE product to us within a period of 28 days of making purchase of the new item.

As per the WEEE Regulations, all fresh electrical products must now indicate with the crossed-out wheeled bin symbol indicated below:

Products that are indicated with this symbol to reveal that they were manufactured after 13th August 2005, and must be disposed of individually from usual household waste so as to enable them to be recycled.

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