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Sony PCG-F610

Sony PCG-F610
Sony PCG-F610 Sony PCG-F610 Sony PCG-F610

Sony PCG-F610

  • Voltage
  • 19.5V
  • Current
  • 3A
  • Power
  • 58W
  • DC size
  • 4.4*6.0(mm)

Power Cord Length:

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Add A Battery:
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  • 30 Days Returns
  • New Condition
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Our Laptop Power AC Adapter/Charger- PCG-F610 series is the finest and high quality power cord that is currently available for this Model. This product guarantees to meet the needs of the original specifications. PCG-F610 series Charger is exclusively made with the help of top quality materials that provides highest level of safety, reliability, dependability and adaptability.

Key Features:

  • Product guarantees to meet the needs of original specifications
  • Original Manufacturing compatibility is 100%
  • Input Voltage shut down is low
  • Limiting the Output of Over Voltage
  • Limiting the Output of Current
  • Shut down in Output of Short Circuit
  • Shut down in Internal Over temperature
  • Automatic reset for shut down conditions
  • Protection against Humidity and Moisture
  • Protection of your notebook against Electrical Hazards
  • Powers the internal battery of your computers and chargers while you travel
  • Rugged caseremain unaffected, even in the Harshest Mobile Environments
  • Designed to filter input line voltage spikes.
  • It is built to surpass the Output Power of your notebook's AC adapter

Technical Specifications:

  • Protection against Short Circuit
  • Protection against Over voltage
  • Protection against Overload
  • Humidity varies from 10% to 90%
  • Load Regulation varies upto +/-5%
  • Line Regulation varies upto +/-5%
  • Specializes in Retail Packaging
  • Compatibility is guaranteed where Voltage & Amps is same as OEM