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A product that reached the highest professional level, built with the ingenious thermal management and cooling technology. Yes, we are talking about Fujitsu Celsius laptop which took a charge over professional markets. In case the Celsius charger gets damaged due to any reason or lost, then it may lead to a great loss for the professionals. As the professionals would need to carry the charger everywhere along with them, so it should be compact and light weighed. Here, at you can find the Celsius Laptop charger which will not only power the laptop while travelling but these are specially designed to give best performance in harshest environment. The voltage for these chargers is approximately 19V with 80W of power supply for every model of this series. We also provide extendible power cord length option from which customers can choose what they actually want. Along with all the features, 30 days return policy and 1 year warrantee; the Celsius charger price online in US is rated best for Laptop Charger Factory by the customers.